Unsealed Brick VS Sealed Brick

Brick Sealing - House Facade - Water Repellent

Additional Information

At Armor Shield, our water repellents for Brick Sealing are designed to penetrate deeply into the brick and mortar facade, reaching as far as 3/8 of an inch into the surface of your brick and mortar facade. The water repellent coats the tiny passage ways inside the brick and mortar. Unlike waterproofers, which close off these tiny passage ways, our water repellents leave these passage ways open so the brick and mortar is able to breath. A waterproofer can trap moisture in the brick and mortar which can cause damage to the brick and mortar surface during freeze thaw cycles. At Armor Shield, our masonry sealer only use the highest quality silanes, siloxanes, or a blend of these chemicals to seal your brick. This results in a long lasting seal that does not cause any moisture problems with your brick facade during freeze and thaw cycles. Sealing your brick will also keep your mortar in place for a longer time, reducing the need for tuck pointing.