Concrete Surface Cleaning

Surface Preparation

 Option 1 »  Water Wash with Surface Cleaner
                   • This option is for fairly new or clean concrete

                   • Minimum required for sealer installation

Option 2 » Water Wash, Mild Detergent / SH, and Surface Cleaner

                   • This option is for concrete with tire marks and environmental stains.

Option 3 »  Water Wash, Mild Acid Scrub, and Surface Cleaner

                   • This option is for extremely stained concrete.

                   • Minimum required for a concrete overlay installation.

Option 3 » Stripping

                   • This option is needed for blushing sealers and paint removal.

Option 4 » Grinding / Sanding

                   • This Option is needed for coating removal.

                   • Standard for coating installations.

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Concrete and Brick Sealing


Option 1 » Acrylic Solvent or Water Based Sealer

                   • Glossy Wet Look In Semi-Gloss And Gloss Finishes For Colored & Stamped

                     Concrete, Brick, Or Exposed Aggregate

                   • Available In Brown Tint For Exposed Aggregate

Option 2 » Penetrating Sealer

                   • Proprietary Stain Guard Formula

                   • For New Or Unsealed Concrete

                   • Eliminates Salt Attacks

                   • 10 Year Sealer

                   • Perfect for Driveways, Garages, Patio's, and Sidewalks

Option 3 » Densifier

                   • One Time Permanent Application

                   • Chemical Resistant

                   • Stops Dusting

                   • Strengthens Concrete Up To 20 %

                   • Perfect for Shed, Factory, or Garage Floors

Option 4 » Interior Sealers - Epoxy, Urethane's, and Polyaspartic's

                   • Available in Gloss or Matte Finishes

                   • USDA Food Grade Rated

                   • Long Lasting With Proper Maintenance

Option 5 » Brick Facade Water Repellent

                   • High Performance Silane and Siloxane Repellent

                   • Long Lasting

                   • Allows Moisture Vapor Out But Not In

Option 6 » Maintenance

                  • Acrylic Wax

                  • High Gloss

                  • Slip Resistant

                  • 100 Applications Before Stripping Is Needed

Additional Options:

                 • Anti-Slip Additive

                 • Joint and Crack Filling

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Decorative Concrete Applications


Option 1 » Concrete Acid Stains
                   • 10 Colors Available
                   • Permanent Color
                   • Great For New Concrete and Overlays

Option 2 » Concrete Water Stains
                   • 18 Colors Available
                   • Permanent Color

                   • Great For Older Concrete

Option 3 »Decorative Concrete Micro-Toppings

                  • Refresh Old Concrete With a Solid Color

                  • 40 Standard Colors Available

Option 3 »Decorative Concrete Overlays

                  • Stamp-able Concrete Overlays

                  • Spray-able Concrete Overlays

                  • Patterning and Stencil Work Available

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Commercial Building Services


Option 1 » Parking Decks

                  • Salt Block and Water Repellent Sealers

                  • High Solids Polyurethane Waterproofing & Traffic Bearing Membrane

Option 2 » Concrete and Block Walls

                  • Permanent Colored Water Proofing Coatings

                  • High Performance Silane / Siloxane Blended Sealers

Option 2 » Factory and Shed Floors

                  • Densifier's

                  • High Performance Silane / Siloxane Blended Sealers

                  • Epoxy

                  • Urethane

                  • Polyaspartic's

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After Armor Shield is done installing your new sealer or decorative concrete flooring, there are simple steps to maintain your surface for a long useful life.

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